The Teacher Connectedness Project “Well-being among European youth: The contribution of student-teacher relationships in the secondary-school population (WEY-CRISP)” is a 2-year EU funded action.

Its aim is to develop the current understanding of teacher connectedness in two key directions:

  • Providing further evidence regarding the contribution of teacher connectedness to youth wellbeing and the factors that increase or decrease the likelihood that teachers become significant adults for adolescents’ wellbeing.
  • Developing a measure on teacher connectedness that taps into the main components of meaningful teacher-student relationships, drawing on both existing scientific evidence and young people’s voices.

Funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union

WEY-CRISP ended on 3rd July 2018, but the line of research that started with it will continue and be expanded thanks to the support of La Caixa Foundation, specifically through its funding programme Junior Leader- Retaining. Find out more about our new project here.